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    unit,英语单词,主要用作为名词,意为“单位,单元;装置;[军] 部队;部件”。

    About — NGINX Unit

    2021-2-15 · NGINX Unit is a polyglot app server, a reverse proxy, and a static file server, available for Unix-like systems. It was built by nginx team members from scratch to be highly efficient and fully configurable at runtime. The latest version is 1.21.0, released on November 19, 2020.



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    2 天前 · Unity is so much more than the world’s best real-time development platform it’s also a robust ecosystem designed to enable your success. Join our dynamic community of creators so you can tap into what you need to achieve your vision.

    the unit(KBS出品综艺)_百度百科

    2017-10-28 · the unit节目形式. 编辑. 《THE UNIT》为一档偶像养成节目,将针对正在活动的爱豆以及曾在乐坛活动过的前职爱豆,重新挖掘他们的价值和潜力,推出一个全新的小分队团体。. [4] 《The Uni+》选出了 126 名偶像,将分为男、女各七队来争取再度圆梦的机会。. 最终脱颖而出的偶像(男、女各 9 名),就能携手组队重新出道。. [5]

    UNIT meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    unit noun (SEPARATE PART) B1 [ C ] a single thing or a separate part of something larger: Each unit of the text book focuses on a different grammar point.

    Unit Definition of Unit at Dictionary

    Also called unit's place. (in a mixed number) the position of the first digit to the left of the decimal point. (in a whole number) the position of the first digit from the right of the decimal point. a machine, part, or

    Unit definition of unit by The Free Dictionary

    unit an individual or group or structure or other entity regarded as a structural or functional constituent of a whole; "the reduced the number of units and installations"; "the word is a basic linguistic unit"


    2019-8-26 · unit的意思是:单位,单元;装置;[军] 部队;部件。读音:英 ['juːnɪt] 美 ['junɪt] 词汇搭配: basic unit 基本单位 advanced unit 先遣部队 naval unit 海军分队 input unit 输入单元,输入机 plug-in unit 插入式设备 拓展资料: 双语例句 1. The unit's exports will total $85


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